McDonald’s International Menu

McDonald’s International Menu Around The World

Although McFlurry and Big Mac are staples at all of their locations, the chain can also adapt to local tastes.

Here are 15 must-try McDonald’s international menu items: from special burgers to unusual desserts, and even soup.

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McDonald’s Hong Kong – McDonald’s Hong Kong Menu International Price

Hong Kong McDonald's International Menu

Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta Is Best Dish In McDonald’s Hong Kong

This is a new twist on a favourite local dish In Hong Kong.

Twisty PastaThis is the perfect way to warm your soul.

There are many flavours to choose from, such as Sausage N’ Egg or Mixed Veggies and Egg.

During breakfast hours, you can find sausages and egg twisty pasta at all McDonald’s Hong Kong Menu or Macau outlets.

McDonald’s South Korea – McDonald’s South Korea Menu International Price

South Korea McDonald's International Menu Price

Best Dish In McDonald’s South Korea – Oreo Affogato

This soft serve is for those who love coffee. This soft serve is for you.

Oreo AffogatoThis is exactly what it says: a shot espresso over classic soft serve with Oreo pieces at the bottom.

All outlets in McDonald’s South Korea Menu offer Oreo Affogato as a dessert option.

Waffle Monster is Korea’s most famous waffle place, and this will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.

McDonald’s Japan Menu – McDonald’s Japan International Menu Price

Japan International McDonald's Menu

Best Chicken Cutlet Dish In McDonald’s Japan

This Japanese chicken cutlet is similar to the Shaker Fries.

Simply add the seasoning and shake to coat the chicken cutlet.

You can choose from three flavours of chicken cutlet: plain, cheddar cheese, or red pepper. Shaka ChikiAll outlets in McDonald’s Japan Menu McDonald’s Menu Price have it.

You might prefer to eat local food, so take a food tour to learn more about the country’s cuisine.

McDonald’s India Menu – International McDonald’s India Menu Price List

McDonald's International Menu Price In India

The Biggest McDonald’s Burger” The Biggest Burger In McDonald’s India Menu.

Chicken Maharaja, This is India’s, Big Mac. To appeal to the large vegetarian market, the burger is also available in a vegetarian-friendly version.

All Indian outlets can get the Chicken Maharaja.

You should make sure to take a guided tour of McDonald’s India Taj Mahal. This will allow you to learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

McDonald’s Thailand Menu – Best International Menu List In McDonald’s Thailand

McDonald's International Menu Thailand

This Thai classic is given a McDonald’s Thailand Menu makeover with a McDonald’s spin: coconut sticky rice.

This dessert is great for those who don’t want to try street food.

Coconut Sticky Rice Pie Available at McDonald’s Thailand all Thai outlets for a limited period of time while stocks last.

You might prefer to stick with local cuisines so take a cooking class.

McDonald’s USA – (United State Of America) International McDonald’s USA Menu Price

McDonald's International Menu Price In USAYou might be wrong if you believe McDonald’s USA Fruit and Maple Oatmeal only offers unhealthy fast food.

There are two types of oatmeal available at the chain In McDonald’s USA Menu, with or without brown sugar.

You can find a healthier option for breakfast by checking this link. Oatmeal made with fruit and maple All outlets in Canada and the United States offer this product.

McDonald’s Menu UK – Best McDonald’s UK Menu Price List

McDonald's International Menu UK Price

McDonald’s will be bringing back its iconic McDonald’s burgers if you haven’t heard it yet.

Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry Just in time for Easter This frozen treat has chunks of milk chocolate with the creamy Cadbury Creme Egg filling.

All Canada and Australia locations can sell Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries until April 1.

McDonald’s Mexico Menu – McDonald’s Mexico Menu Price List In International

McDonald's Mexico Menu

These open-faced Mexican McMuffin sandwiches are a Mexican take on the McMuffin McDonald’s Mexico Menu.

This Mexican breakfast must-have is an English muffin topped with cheese, refried beans and salsa.

McMollettesAll Mexican outlets are open during breakfast hours.

McDonald’s China Menu – McDonald’s China Menu Price List 2021McDonald's China Menu

Rice is a staple ingredient in Asian cuisines, so it’s no surprise that McDonald’s China Menu has added its own spin to it.

This rice bowl served with sweet honey sauce is perfect for anyone who needs a quick fix of rice.

the honey Chicken Rice bowl can be purchased at all outlets throughout Mainland China.

You should make a stop in Shanghai Disneyland, where you can relive the Disney memories of your childhood.

McDonald’s Norway – McDonald’s Norway Menu International Price List

McDonald's Norway

These bite-sized snacks are similar to appetizer jalapeno poppers and make a great side dish for your burger.

This fried treat is filled with gooey melted cheese, McDonald’s International Norway chopped chillies and is great for anyone who gets bored of the regular fries.

Chili Cheese Tops All outlets in McDonald’s Norway have them.

McDonald’s Singapore – McDonald’s Singapore Menu International Price

McDonald's Singapore

The McDonald’s Singapore Menu favourite, the Samurai Burger When it’s available again, there’s a McDonald’s frenzy.

You can get the burger in both beef and chicken versions. It’s best to have it with the limited edition curly Twister fries.

Singapore Samurai Burgers are available in all McDonald’s Singaporean and Malaysian outlets, usually from October through November each year.

McDonald’s Portugal – McDonald’s Portugal Menu International Price

McDonald's Portugal

Peasant Soup is a special dish from McDonald’s Portugal has added it to their menu.

This hearty soup is made with kidney beans and ham, as well as pasta.

It’s perfect for anyone looking for something new.

Peasant Soup It is available in all McDonald’s Portuguese outlets.

McDonald’s Canada – McDonald’s Canada Menu Prices In International

McDonald's Canada Menu Prices

Poutine dish is a Canadian classic, but McDonald’s Canada took it to the next level with their McDonald’s version.

This dish is basically fried with gravy and cheese curds. It will be a hit with those who love fries.

Poutine can be purchased at any Canadian outlet Best McDonald’s Canada Menu Prices.

McDonald’s Australia Menu –  McDonald’s Australia Menu International Price List 2021

McDonald's Australia MenuThis is the perfect breakfast for you if you are looking for something simple In McDonald’s Australia.

Ham and cheese pocket It is delicious. This is the perfect breakfast for those who are on the go.

During breakfast hours, you can find ham and cheese pockets at all Australian outlets.

No plans after breakfast In McDonald’s Australia Menu?

You can get your heart racing by climbing up Sydney Harbour Bridge, the longest bridge in the world.

McDonald’s Philippines Menu – McDonald’s Philippines International Menu Price List

McDonald's Philippines

McDonald’s Philippines offers one of the most bizarre items they have.

McSpaghetti and Chicken McDo This is an unusually popular dish.

This dish is served as a snack with pieces of cheese and sausage instead of being the main meal.

All outlets in the McDonald’s Philippines Menu sell McDos and McSpaghetti.

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