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KFC Full Form Is Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC Is an American fast-food restaurant chain, is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

It specializes in fried chicken. KFC was a fast-food restaurant that popularized chicken and challenged the dominance of the hamburger.

KFC Menu – About

KFC was started by Colonel Harland Sanders. He was an entrepreneur who sold fried chicken at his roadside eatery in Corbin (Kentucky) during the Great Depression.

Sanders recognized the potential for restaurant franchising. In 1952, the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise was opened in Salt Lake City. Utah.

KFC was a pioneer in fast-food chicken, challenging the hamburger. The founder was known as “Colonel Sanders” and is still prominently used in KFC Menu advertising.

In 1964, Sanders sold the company to John Y. because of its rapid growth. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey.

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KFC Top Menu Items

8 Piece Family Fill Up$20.00
8 Piece Meal$24.99
3 pc. Chicken Box$10.49
2 Biscuits$1.49

KFC Bucket Meal Menu Price List

8 Piece Family Fill Up$20.00
12 pc. Tenders Family Fill Up$20.00
Popcorn Chicken Box$10.00
8 Piece Chicken$13.99
8 Piece Meal$24.99
12 Piece Chicken$17.99
12 Piece Meal$31.99
16 Piece Chicken$24.99
16 Piece Meal$45.99
12 Chicken Tenders$15.99
12 Tenders Meal$24.99
Tenders Share Meal$12.49

KFC World Famous Chicken Menu Price

2 pc. Drum & Thigh Fill Up$5.99
2 pc. Breast & Wing Combo$6.99
3 pc. Chicken Combo$9.49
4 pc. Chicken Combo$10.49
Kentucky Fried Wings™ Combo$7.99

KFC Big Box Meals Menu Price List

3 pc. Chicken Box$10.49
Crispy Colonel Box$10.99
5 pc. Tenders Box$9.99

KFC Tenders & Nuggets Menu Price

Tenders Combo$7.49
Popcorn Nuggets Combo$8.49
Nashville Hot Tenders Combo$6.99

KFC Kentucky Fried Wings Menu Price

6 Kentucky Fried Wings$5.00
12 Kentucky Fried Wings$9.99
24 Kentucky Fried Wings$18.99
48 Kentucky Fried Wings$37.99

KFC Fill Ups Menu Price

1 Piece Breast Fill Up$5.99
3 pc. Tenders Fill Up$5.99
Famous Bowl® Fill Up$5.99
Pot Pie Fill Up$5.99

KFC Bowls Menu Price List

Spicy Famous Bowl® Combo$5.99
Famous Bowl®$4.49
Spicy Famous Bowl®$4.49

KFC Signature Sandwich Menu Price List

Crispy Colonel Combo$5.99
Crispy Colonel Sandwich$3.99
Chicken Littles® Combo$6.99
Chicken Little®$1.79

KFC Sides Menu Price

Secret Recipe Fries$2.49
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$2.49
Mashed Potatoes (No Gravy)$2.49
Cole Slaw$2.49
Whole Kernel Corn$2.49
Mac & Cheese$2.49
2 Biscuits$1.49

KFC A La Carte Menu Price

A La Carte Tender$1.69
A La Carte Breast$3.19
A La Carte Drum$1.89
A La Carte Thigh$1.89
A La Carte Wing$1.59
Large Popcorn Nuggets$4.99

KFC Desserts Menu Price List

12 Chocolate Chip Cookies$4.99

KFC Beverages Menu Price List

Medium Beverage(Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning,Pepsi,Diet Pepsi,Mountain Dew,Sierra Mist)$1.79
Medium Classic Lemonade$1.99
Large Beverage(Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning,Pepsi,Diet Pepsi,Mountain Dew,Sierra Mist,Iced Tea)$2.19
Large Classic Lemonade$2.39

KFC Dipping Sauces Menu Pirce List

KFC Sauce$0.25
Honey BBQ Sauce$0.25
Buttermilk Ranch$0.25
Honey Mustard Sauce$0.25

KFC Operations

Yum! also owns KFC. One of the most important restaurant chains in the world, Brands. KFC’s 2013 sales were $23 billion.

KFC’s headquarters is located at 1441 Gardiner Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a three-story colonial-style building that has been nicknamed the “White House”, due to its similarity to the US President’s residence.

The headquarters houses executive offices as well as the company’s research and development facilities. KFC is located at 1209 North Orange St. Wilmington, Delaware.

KFC Original Recipe

Sanders has signed a copy and eleven vials of herbs and spices that are kept in a vault at KFC Louisville headquarters.

The secretive recipe is kept secret by having half its production done at Griffith Laboratories. The other half goes to McCormick who adds the second half.

Joe Ledington Recipe

Chicago Tribune reported on August 16, 2016, that Joe Ledington from Kentucky, a nephew through marriage to Colonel Sanders, claimed to be the one who found the original KFC recipe for fried chicken.

The pressure fryer was too large so a deep fryer was used instead. They claimed that they could make fried chicken taste “indistinguishable” from the KFC fried chicken by using MSG as flavour enhancer.

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